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Interdisciplinary adult treatment: the role of orthodontics for adult patients in the era of skeletal anchorage. The course will highlight the characteristics of an adult patient and the treatment goals, the potential of orthodontics to make implantology possible and prosthodontics less invasive, and finally the potential to eliminate prosthetic need just by using a comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

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January 21, 2022

Dr. Magdalena Enache

Dr. Cesare Luzi DDS, MSc

 —  Specialist in Orthodontics, Aarhus University
 —  Prof. a.c. Ferrara University
 —  President of the Italian Association of Specialists in Orthodontics (ASIO) 2018-19
 —  Diplomate of the European Board of Orthodontics
 —  Diplomate of the Italian Board of Orthodontics

Dr. Cesare Luzi received his Dental degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Postgraduate education and Master of Science in Orthodontics were completed at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

He received many awards such as the Houston Research Award of the EOS (2006), First Prize Award for Clinical Research of SIDO (2006) and the Beni Solow Award (2010).

Interdisciplinary therapy

We see more and more adults referred daily to orthodontic specialist for interdisciplinary care. Now, the quality of their final treatment outcome can be improved by synergizing different disciplines, working consecutively.

Orthodontic treatment, as part of this synergy, can allow to reach higher standards of results thanks to the advances in regenerative technologies for periodontal tissues.

Anchorage management can be a major problem in adult patients featuring missing teeth and/or compromised periodontal tissues. Skeletal anchorage changed the rules of the game: the option of using simple, safe, quick devices like miniscrews has a tremendous impact on our therapeutic approach, widening the therapeutic goals of modern orthodontics.

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    December 10, 2021

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